Altaire’s products improve air quality and occupant comfort, while providing a healthier, safer and more productive indoor environment.

Altaire is more than just another air handling unit manufacturer. We solve the toughest dehumidification and indoor air quality challenges in the most demanding building environments.

We build smarter HVAC systems that deliver healthier air quality, improved occupant comfort, prolonged asset lifetimes and reduced operating cost and environmental impact.

The ADAPT™ Pretreat (Advanced Dehumidification Airstream Pretreat Technology) and ADAPT™ DOAS (Dedicated Outside Air System) units simplify the dehumidification process to deliver vastly improved results.

ADAPT Pretreat Units

Key benefits:

  • Consistent, reliable, and healthier indoor environmental conditions

  • Sensors and controls deliver optimal and precise temperature and relative humidity levels

  • Prolongs the life of existing equipment and may eliminate the need for costly HVAC system replacements

  • Mitigates the risk of unwanted biological growth

  • Reduces building energy and carbon footprint

Key features:

  • Compatible with almost any HVAC system and BMS controls configuration

  • 100% marine-grade aluminum and 316 stainless steel cabinet construction

  • Minimal ongoing maintenance requirements

  • Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.

Market Sectors

The ADAPT Pretreat and ADAPT DOAS units are designed for mission critical environments where precise temperature and humidity control, system reliability, and energy efficiency are paramount – healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical labs and production facilities, hospitality, commercial office, education, manufacturing and any other environment with critical HVAC needs.


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