ADAPT™ Pretreat Units 

2,500 CFM Unit

5,000 CFM Unit

The Altaire Advanced Dehumidification Airstream Pretreat Technology (ADAPT™) Pretreat units are designed to solve the toughest humidity control issues associated with recirculating air handling units. The ADAPT Pretreat unit conditions incoming outdoor air before entering the air handling unit, decoupling the moisture load of outside air from the thermal load of the building, resulting in:

  • Significantly increased moisture removal even on the most extreme days

  • Reduced biological growth potential in downstream areas including the air handler ductwork and occupied spaces

  • Significantly improved thermal comfort from decoupling latent and sensible loads

  • Reduced peak chilled water flows and loads, along with reduced energy consumption, through the integrated heat recovery design

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Key features of the ADAPT Pretreat unit include: 

  • 100% marine-grade aluminum and 316 stainless steel cabinet construction, along with salt-spray coated coils to reduce maintenance requirements even in the most extreme coastal environments

  • Small footprint with site-built capability for easy installation

  • Integrated chilled water heat recovery that ensures proper desaturation of delivered air while reducing chilled water loads

  • Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.

  • Fully engineered on-board controls leveraging open Tridium, Niagara and BACnet protocols for performance optimization

  • On-board air flow measurement and alarming to ensure proper outdoor air flows are being delivered, improving occupant health, safety and productivity, while reducing operating risk to owners

  • High efficiency MERV 14 air filtration, improving air quality and reducing loading on existing air handler air filters

Installation Overview:

The Altaire ADAPT Pretreat units are fully engineered to make installation and operations simple. The unit ships assembled, but can be split into two sections allowing each to be moved through a standard door or elevator. Weight has been reduced with the use of marine grade aluminum.

On-board, plug-and-play controls are factory mounted and the controller is pre-programmed with optimized algorithms allowing the unit to run without custom control work. Field work is limited to simple mounting, piping, electrical, and ductwork connections.