The Altaire advanced dehumidification systems deliver higher quality outside air with minimal biological growth potential, which contributes to improved patient health outcomes. Similarly, our systems enhance patient satisfaction by creating drier and more thermally comfortable interior healing environments.

Altaire’s ADAPT units provide:

  • Improved health outcomes by reducing healthcare associated infections (HAI) caused by unwanted biological contaminants associated with moisture and humidity control issues in air distribution systems. Our MERV 14 pretreat filters thoroughly clean outside air before reaching air handling distribution systems, which reduces airborne contaminant loads that can adversely impact human health.

  • Consistent control over temperature and humidity levels in critical spaces such as operating rooms, NICUs, intensive care and other areas that require stable and controlled environmental conditions.
  • Increased overall HVAC system capacity and efficiencies, which reduces operating costs and positively impacts operating margins.

  • Reduced energy and carbon footprint of a healthcare organization, which positively impacts local and global communities and contributes to green standards such as the Healthcare Climate Council, ENERGY STAR®, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®), CDP, the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and other 3rd party green standards.