The ADAPT Pretreat and ADAPT DOAS units foster higher quality and more resilient indoor spaces by delivering increased outside air and consistent temperature and humidity levels throughout the year.

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Integrated sensing and control technologies help prevent conditions that lead to unwanted biological growth from forming in air delivery systems, which significantly improves occupant health, comfort and safety, while prolonging building asset lifetimes.

The ADAPT Pretreat and ADAPT DOAS units solve the toughest humidity issues quickly with short product delivery times and simple installation.

By decoupling sensible and latent cooling capacities, our units can match variable and part-load conditions, resulting in material energy savings.  With the ADAPT Pretreat and ADAPT DOAS units, MEP engineers no longer need to design to “worst day” conditions.

  • Made in the U.S.A. with 100% marine-grade aluminum and high-quality craftsmanship

  • Constructed with no dynamic parts, so maintenance requirements are minimal

  • Compatible with almost any HVAC system and BMS controls configuration

  • Engineered for simple installation, start-up and operation