Altaire is more than just another air handling unit manufacturer. We solve the toughest humidity challenges in the most demanding building environments. Our humidity control systems are pre-engineered to deliver improved indoor environmental quality, occupant health and comfort, prolonged asset lifetimes and reduced operating costs.  

Delivering Consistent and Reliable Temperature and Humidity 

Our Advanced Dehumidification Airstream Pretreat Technology (ADAPT™) product line controls the humidity content of outside air before it enters the building HVAC system. This allows the air handler to deliver precise supply air  temperatures without the added challenge of also controlling humidity. This powerful combination reduces energy consumption and delivers more consistent and reliable temperature and humidity control for even the toughest environments such as ORs, NICUs, intensive care and sterile processing units. 

Protecting Building Occupants from Airborne Pathogens and Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs)

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted a long-known fact about the role of HVAC systems in helping to prevent the spread of pathogens in indoor environments – proper humidity control keeps people healthier and saves lives.

The ADAPT unit cleans outside air with MERV 14 filtration and onboard sensors and controls deliver 40%-60% relative humidity – the optimal range for minimizing airborne viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. With ADAPT, healthcare systems can provide cleaner, higher quality indoor environments with reduced human health risks from airborne pathogens and HAIs. 

Installation Made Simple 

The ADAPT unit is designed for simple bolt-on integration into new or existing building HVAC systems, minimizing disruption to healthcare staff and patients. The unit is delivered fully assembled, but can be split into two sections allowing each to be moved through a standard door or elevator. On-board controls are factory-mounted and pre-programmed, eliminating the need for custom field control work. Marine-grade, light-weight aluminum is used to reduce or eliminate the need for additional structural reinforcement below the mounting pad.

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